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Honiara, Solomon Islands
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Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Clay Forau-file photoMinister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Clay Forau-file photo

OUR local export will soon have competitive advantages over other products from countries in the MSG block thanks to the MSG trade agreement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External is currently dealing with various trade negotiations at bilateral, regional and multinational level to open up new markets for our exports to other MSG member countries to trade duty free says Hon Clay Forau.

In his official remarks at last week’s first ever NTDC Meeting Hon Clay Forau highlighted that the establishment of the Council is a step to address institutional gaps and will help create synergies among various stakeholders and agencies, public and private to jointly explore ways to get benefits from globalization and trade liberalization process.

He said the council was establish to oversee the overall trade development processes, including trade policy formulation, trade mainstreaming, into national development plans and to ensure effective coordination amongst government ministries, institutions private sector organizations, civil society, and non government organization.

“We all know that the process of globalization is rapidly changing the living conditions of people around the world, including Solomon Islanders. There have been rapid changes in the trade arena during the last few decades. Many developing countries successfully capitalize on benefits capitalize on the benefits of globalization and trade liberation, while some countries, for various reasons, including the impact of global the impact of global economic and financial crises are not yet able to reap the desired benefits.

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