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The Ministry's trade negotiation envoy, Robert SisiloThe Ministry's trade negotiation envoy, Robert Sisilo

THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade has started their consultation process on the proposed Trade Policy Framework (TPF).

The consultations are starting off this weekend in the Western Province.

The Ministry’s trade negotiation envoy, Robert Sisilo confirmed this during a press conference on Friday.

Mr Sisilo said that a group from the Ministry will start off consultations with stakeholders, business houses, NGOs and other civil society groups within selected provinces to have their say on the TPF implementation.

“A funded group under the Ministry’s watch will conduct consultations within various business starting at Western Province this weekend and will continue throughout other provinces this week,” Mr Sisilo confirmed.  

“As soon we complete the consultation period we will try to formulate a draft of the policy’s framework following these visits.”

He said the aim of these consultations is to identify prioritizes in trade as it is a way forward in development than aid, and the ministry will take the lead role to come up with the framework.

“It’s good to consult with people and for the people of the country to own a trade policy; this consultation period is to get views on the trade guide.”

Mr Sisilo also said that Solomon Islands must have a trade policy.

He said that “the policy is to assist with the private sector for marketing access”.

He added that the ministry will work closely with its stakeholders and other responsible ministries during the consultation period.

Mr Sisilo confirmed that following the completion of the framework it will be looked carefully by the National Trade Development Council (NTDC) before forwarding it to the cabinet for consideration, and then on to parliament.

The Trade Policy Frame work plan was funded through the Forum Secretariat together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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