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TIASI Chairman Nollen Leni TIASI Chairman Nollen Leni

CHAIRMAN of TIASI Nollen Leni has stressed that trade and marketing to earn much needed revenue are vital ingredients in the tuna industry.

Mr Leni pointed this out during an organised cock tail function last week.

“Marketing always relates to availability of resources and products, which is one of our primary objectives,” Mr Leni said.

He said that this is critically important for small developing states.

“The congress focuses mainly on Tuna resource, a resource which once existed in abundance but is now becoming a global concern over its fast declining stock level,” Mr Leni added.

“Through intolerant harvesting practices done by many harvesters has caused this.”

Mr Leni however said that TIASI together with its partners have discussed many challenges.

“We have discussed many challenges which overshadow the future of tuna stock, we maybe agree to fish regulations and conservation measures such as closure of high sea pockets,” he added.

He admitted that whilst there is a decline in tuna stock they are continuing to increase fishing fleets.

He revealed that a total number of fishing vessels in the world was estimated to be about 4.36 million, with Asia having 3.18 million accounting for 73% of the global fleet followed by Africa 11%, Latin America and Caribbean 8%, North America 3% and Europe 3%.

“Surely, this fishing fleet level is not tolerable for our conservation wishes and our hope for resource sustainability is perhaps a global dream,” Mr Leni added.

 He said in response to international plan of action to manage fishing capacity, some countries have tried establishing targets and party allowable efforts for the reduction of overcapacity of fishing fleets.

“Some fish operators are very cunning, while their number of fishing vessels are decreasing at home they have also from the back door increase their fleets elsewhere, through charters and joint venture arrangements with high subsidies,” Mr Leni said.

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