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A shop in Chinatown already lit up with Christmas decorationsA shop in Chinatown already lit up with Christmas decorations

CHRISTMAS season is evidently shown in few shops in Chinatown with the latest display and sale of Christmas products to attract customers.

With just 39 days away from December 25, last week few Chinese shops are seen very desperate to ensure they are stocking up various collections of Christmas products in front of their shops.

The products ranged from Christmas trees, shiny decoration papers, Santa Claus dolls and other traditional Christmas products with different design and style of attracting Christmas popular shoppers.

According to a regular local shopper at Chinatown, it’s a very exciting time of the year to do shopping as most shops will offer special clearance sales and some goods will be purchased at affordable prices.

“Many Christmas products are starting to hit the shelves in November and continue in December and I think competition in the price tag of these products on store shelves will attract Christmas shoppers to flock to these great products,” said Becca, a mother from Matariu Settlement.

She added that citizens during this festive season can be victims of unlawful social behavior especially from the public.

“Christmas season is a high time for ‘Beligas’ (thieves) to invade homes and all resident should stay on alert. 

“We must also be mindful when celebrating Christmas, as it is a season of peace and joy.”  


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