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PM Lilo during the round table discussionPM Lilo during the round table discussion

PRIME Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo says his government is committed to sustainable development.

Speaking during the second roundtable on Wednesday, Mr Lilo said that is inclusive of all Solomon Islanders and that will lift the standard of living.

“It will lift our standard of living from where we are today to where we hope to be in the future,” Mr Lilo said.

“What we do today to our nation will affect how our children will live in the future. 

“We need to be continuously reminded of this relationship and the government is committed to this principle and value of sustainable development, just as you are. “

Mr Lilo noted that the intervention of the roundtable will be reviewed in the Ministry of Planning’s mid-term National Development Strategy and NCRA looks forward to the outcomes of the important discussions.

“I look forward to the outcomes of this important discussion to see how we can link the Roundtable initiative together with the review process of the National Development Strategy,” Mr Lilo said.

“I invite you all to take this issue seriously as this document will be the guiding policy for our development strategy for the next 5 years. 

“We need to hear what the nation is saying and how we as a nation would like to develop into the future. What are our priorities, and how we will get there.”

PM Lilo said NCRA government will seriously take into account the results of the roundtable and challenges ahead.

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