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SINU's vice chancellor, Dr Patricia Rodie giving her speech during the World Teachers Day celebrationsSINU's vice chancellor, Dr Patricia Rodie giving her speech during the World Teachers Day celebrations

Teachers are urged to stay committed to their profession to ensure quality education is provided to the nation.

Speaking at World Teachers Day event, Friday, Solomon Islands National University (SINU) vice chancellor, Dr Patricia Rodie reminded teachers of their obligation.

“You have a moral obligation to ensure each child in every classroom receives the kind of education they deserve, for the sake of their future,” she said.

“In fact, the onus is on each and every one of you to ensure you provide the best learning opportunities for your pupils and students,” Dr Rodie added.

She said to ensure quality education for students teachers need to have strong content knowledge of the subjects they teach. 

“This includes understanding the curriculum of your subject. You cannot teach your subjects effectively, unless you have sound understanding or knowledge of your subject/s, and the school curriculum,” Dr Rodie stressed.

She also urged teachers to prepare well in advance for their lessons. 

“This should include a bit of research on the topic you teach each day, and time to think strategically about the teaching strategies that will bring about positive learning outcomes in your students.

“Teaching is not as easy a career as some might think, if a teacher is to provide quality education.

 “It requires time, effort, money and commitment, it is common knowledge that quality teaching leads to quality learning and positive learning outcomes by students.”

Dr Rodie maintained that in essence, quality education determines how much and how well children learn and the extent to which their education translates into a range of personal, social, and developmental benefits.

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