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A senior student receiving her form 6 certificate from Mrs Georgina Pita during the graduationA senior student receiving her form 6 certificate from Mrs Georgina Pita during the graduation

RESPECTIVE submissions to the teacher absenteeism inquiry by the Parliamentary Education and Human Resources Training Committee have highlighted the need for Professional Development of teachers.

Pushing the agenda, Auditor General Edward Ronia in his statement to the Committee last week highlighted that the need for professional teachers is eminent.

Mr Ronia said that the quality in teaching is a vital tool to further development of students.

He noted that in the best interest of the children of this country teachers need to be further developed professionally in order that students learn from the best and develop into the best.

“I believe that is our teachers are further developed in academics our students will be guaranteed better quality learning at early stages. 

“It is clear in other developed countries that teachers are usually senior and well qualified people who practice teaching at the highest level,” said Mr Ronia

In the area of absenteeism, he noted that teachers have their excuses and one nevertheless; however, if they are provided with further development absenteeism will not be a problem.

Likewise public have also expressed desire for teachers to undergo further development.

A letter to the editor this week claimed the country needs well qualified and professional teachers to teach children. 

The letter claimed that so far most teachers’ especially primary strands have very low level of qualification and never really provide the best starting point for children in the country.

The writer claimed that certain private schools in the country recognize the vitality of quality teacher at primary level and therefore employ only the best. 

Likewise the rest never really do much to fully develop children before entering secondary level whilst they struggle to develop at a late time.

Therefore the letter urged the government o think seriously about the professional development and realization of quality teachers.

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