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SINU Vice Chancellor Dr. Glynn Galo SINU Vice Chancellor Dr. Glynn Galo

STUDENTS at St. Nicholas High School have been challenged to raise their level of Commitment to studies in obtaining maximum achievement standards.

Addressing the students as the guest speaker during the schools 2013 Graduation and Prize Giving day last week, SINU Vice Chancellor Dr. Glynn Galo told students the road to excellence is not easy but requires trust, dedication and commitment.

Dr. Galo made reference to world renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson who made his way up the ladder through pure dedication and commitment.

“The great Ben Carson was no average learner when he started, he was seen as the dummy in the class and yet through trust, dedication and commitment he has proven to the world that nothing is impossible” Dr. Galo told students.

He stressed that learning is a privilege and students should not take it for granted. 

He stated that success is measured differently under different circumstances and therefore, every student has the potential to contribute to society.

He also called on parents to show more support and interest in the education of their children as it will determine their future. 

Dr Galo urged teachers to put more effort in their work as educators and the government to prioritize support for education in the country.

On the other hand the General Secretary to the Church of Melanesia Dr Abraham Hauriasi, urged students to take responsibility of their future.

Dr. Hauriasi in his address placed emphasis on responsibility and how rewarding it can be in achieving not only academic excellence but a bright future.

He claimed that challenges always come by which may be the probable cause of students failing to move forward. 

However, he stressed that each individual needs to be responsible for the choices he or she makes as it will also set aside some challenges.

“I am sure that out of every challenge in life there are things we can control if we take responsibility,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Glynn Galo said St. Nicholas school was one of the best schools he’s ever visited and that the parents, staff, students, schools board, and the education authority should be proud of.

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