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Honiara High School form five students during their science exam last weekHoniara High School form five students during their science exam last week

THE final examinations for forms five, six, seven will continue as of next week after it started last week, Monday 13th November.

The examination dates are scheduled from 13-22 November 2013 throughout all respective secondary schools in Solomon Islands.

Last week, Sunday Isles visited Honiara High School to ask teachers how they felt about the first ever combined examination allocated for the three senior forms.

According to a senior teacher, the change to the specific examination dates has given more time for teachers and students to prepare for examination although we don’t expect such situation to have happened.

“I guess the specific change to the 2013 academic calendar has given us the opportunity to prepare well ahead in terms of revision and extra classes for our examination students,” the teacher said.

“The only challenge we experience was how to organised the different classrooms or venues for examination because of the shortage of chairs and desks but at the end of the day we have managed to make sure everything goes well as expected,” said the teacher.

Asked whether the teachers strike has affected students’ preparation ahead of examinations, he replied:

“The strike was not really an excuse or threat for students and teachers to say they have not prepared well for the final exams because we still have enough time for studies.

“We teachers want to make sure our examination preparation and revision classes are going smoothly; otherwise I would say everything is perfect and going good since we started the strike and we also know what we are doing at the end of the day,” he added.

Form five (SISC) students have this week completed three subjects- English, Math and Science and form six also completed English, Biology and Development Studies including form sevens.

Last week unconfirmed reports have cited rumors of examination papers leakage in the country. 

Sunday Isles understands National Examination Standard Unit (NESU) hasn’t confirmed whether the initial reports are true.    

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