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The descendants being welcomed traditionally at the Henderson International AirportThe descendants being welcomed traditionally at the Henderson International Airport

DESCENDANTS of John Kwalui Abelfai from East Fataleka who was taken 150 years ago in the black birding trade finally reunited with their fourth generation family members here on Friday.

A total of 40 of the 58 Fataleka descendants in Mackay, Queensland, Australia arrived in Honiara last Friday.

The visit will be the first for some of the descendants, who were greeted with a traditional welcome by their hundreds of relatives at the Henderson International Airport.

“It is a historic moment for us; after decades we have finally meet again with our blood line family members,” organizer of the event Charles Dausabea said when welcoming his relatives.

Dausabea revealed that there were four brothers and a sister where John Abelfai was one, and it was during the black birding days when he was taken away to Queensland, leaving behind his siblings.

 “The reunion witnessed the generation of Mr Abelfai who they came back to reunite with his siblings generations’ here,” Dausabea said.

The descendants were from Lebeabu village in East Fataleka where the 40 descendants went to during the weekend.  

The remaining 18 of the descendants will arrive tomorrow.

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