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The six charity queens The six charity queens

THE six charity queen contestants have raised $806,000 towards their respective charitable funded projects in the country.

According to show organisers, the six young ladies contesting the Miss Solomon Crown were told to select a particular school within the country and a chosen project which they were to raise funds for.

Impressively the six beauty contestants under the sponsorship of government and various influential business houses in the country chose six different schools which included a school for the disabled and a school for the unfortunate.

The combination of the funds raised amazed the crowd that was present at the art gallery this week.

The amount was significant and public acknowledged these young ladies for their tremendous effort.

Speaking during the crowing of Miss Charity 2013, the winner Tema Wickham said she could not believe her victory.

MsWickham won the Miss Charity Crown after raising the highest amount of $325,000.

She said her chosen school Goldie College was very close to her heart as it not only been her previous school but her parents and other relatives as well.

She said water was a huge problem practically in terms of access given the geographical location of the school.

Therefore her efforts were to raise funds to improvise and buy big water tanks to constantly and efficiently supply the school with water.

Meanwhile, other contestants also shared their experiences of raising funds for their individual schools and through their contributions these schools may see huge benefits to the development of learning in the country. 


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