Honiara : Mon 21st Aug 2017 10:42 AM,
Honiara, Solomon Islands
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Crowd goes BOMBATIC during the Shaggy showCrowd goes BOMBATIC during the Shaggy showAS the 4th Internationally known artist to visit Honiara, Shaggy has made a big difference with tickets for his shows as they were ‘sold out’ to the public.

This was confirmed by the organizers, Heritage Park Hotel, after the end of the 90 minutes show.

Shaggy was the 4th international artist to visit Solomon Islands with the modern flavor of music behind former UB40 front man, Ali Campbell, Gramps Morgan and Julian Marley.

“The other artists during their show here tickets were not sold out, and these clearly shows how famous Shaggy is to local fans here in the country.

“These also prompted us organizers to have more international shows here in the future, and we yet to confirm,” a spokesman said.

There were limited tickets of 1,200 for the Shaggy show and sold for $350.

The Bombastic singer left the country for Papua New Guinea on Tuesday as part of his promotion for his upcoming new album.

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