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ORGANISERS have confirmed THE ORGANIZED ‘Iumi Wan Festival’ will be an annual event here in the country.

 Presented by RebelleInc, the festival will be an avenue to advocate ‘peace and unity’ through music.

 The festival, which carries the slogan of ‘ Wan pipol, Wan Solo, Wan Luv’ entered its first chapter earlier this month, bringing in one of the big names in the international music scene and son of reggae legend Bob Marley, Julian Marley.

 Despite the incident disturbing the show outside of the venue on 8th January, Rebelle Inc. management are spearheading the idea for Solomon Islands to have a music festival in a way to promote our local musicians in the country locally and abroad, and promoting peace and unity among citizens. 

The second show next year is very much dependent on sponsorship, public support and police planning and support. 

 “In the country we don’t have an annual music festival that’s when our management came up with the initiative, which strongly emphasize the message of peace and unity,” Rebelle Inc. management stated.

 “The idea is to give people entertainment and also give local artists opportunity for exposure and for all to appreciate culture and music.

 The management specified that the festival would be featuring one international music artist to headline the event, along with local music artists.

 “Unfortunately during the Julian Marley show less local artists performed because of time limitation,” the management explained.

 “But in the future when organizing the festival, we’ll have a lot of our local artists to perform first then a guest international artist.

 The management also stated that the idea of bringing in international artists is so that our local musicians can learn from them, broadening local musicians minds at an international level, with the possibility of exposure of local talented musicians through YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK if recorded on video. 

The festival also hopes to be a tourist attraction in aid of the country’s developing economy in the future.

 For the next festival to take place, the management also has a strategic 18-month plan in place for the proposed event to be hosted by mid next year.

 “The management have the plan set up, but it depends on sponsors for the event if there’s no sponsors it will not happen.

 Isles Media understands that Be Mobile Company in the form of contra deals also sponsored the ‘Iumi Wan Festival With Julian Marley’. 

   “There were less sponsors during the first festival, and the management had to invest big funding but we are grateful for all our sponsors who provided their services for the event to take place,” Rebelle Inc. Management stated.   

 The management said despite the disturbances outside during the festival the management urged sponsors not to be discouraged and withdraw their interest in sponsoring the event. 

“We cannot let a small group who were angered over something else jeopardize it for the majority. 

 “The problem caused occurred outside of the festival was out of our control to manage. 

“We were grateful to the police and our security for their assistance.”

 However, the management states that as plans develop they will be in consultation with the event’s major sponsors and police for any proposal. 

 “It depends on sponsorships for the event.

 The management had also been in consultation with various embassies and responsible authorities for their interest to sponsor.

 “If there’s no sponsor then the public will expect ticket prices for the festival to be expensive or there might be no future festivals.

 The organization also revealed that there was no government support to host the event because the government has bigger priorities at the moment.

  Meanwhile Rebelle Inc. management’s aim for the event is for citizens to see the bigger picture of the message that the organization is advocating, but thanked the general public for their cooperation during the festival.

 “The management wants to encourage people to believe in the message behind the festival Wan Pipol, Wan Solo, Wan Luv.

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