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The World Discoverer Cruise ShipThe World Discoverer Cruise Ship

COMMUNITY members living around Rodrick Bay in Central Province have called on relevant authorities to inspect possible oil leakage from the World Discoverer, which ran aground in the area in 2000.

During a recent visit to the bay and the wreckage, Sunday Isles discovered that oil spills have already reached the shorelines and surprisingly villagers claimed there hasn’t been a full inspection of the aftermath.

Since the ship got struck on the reefs along the coast in 2000, raging currents and changing weather patterns throughout the year has forced the ship to move further ashore now at a range of 5-10 meters from shore.

Visible signs along the shore showed that oil has leaked onto the sand surface and has sunk into the sand causing the sand to turn dark orange.

When asked whether villagers see this as a threat, they claimed that so far no one has ever fished around the area as it has been deemed dangerous.

Moreover, they claimed that the slowly leaking oil spills has damaged the coast and therefore authorities need to take immediate action.

Meanwhile, officials from the Ministry of Environment were struck by the reports and claimed such incidents is very serious and needs immediate attention.

An environment official Tia Masolo stressed that this is a rather new report and that previous report may have been wrong of the oil from the ship being pumped out.

However, he thanked the local community for reporting this very unusual situation and made assurance to visit the site soon.

Mr Masolo said the Ministry will work with Marine officials to try and contain the leakage by all means necessary.

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