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HCC clearing way for new proposed office for law enforcement unit.HCC clearing way for new proposed office for law enforcement unit.

HONIARA City Council (HCC) is cutting down trees within its compound to give way for planned expansion.

But the chopping down of the trees has not gone down well with certain members of 

A frustrated member of the public said the HCC should have a clean green vision to ensure trees are not unnecessarily removed.

“Trees provide the green for our city landscape, make the place more attractive, provide shade, and reduce air pollution,” he said.

“Removing trees will paint a bad public picture for our local people and overseas visitors,” he said.

But City Clerk Charles Kelly said:

 “We understand why the public got upset but we have the authority to do whatever necessary under official development plans.

“Public should not set off an alarm of complaints about the removal of the trees within our private official premises.”

Mr Kelly said the removal of the trees and shrubs was made under their plan to clear the area in time for HCC Law enforcement unit to relocate their new office.

“We got so many plans that we have to accomplish; officially we have reviewed our plans and agreed to start clearing the area and to construct a new office building for our law enforcement unit.”

Meanwhile, he said the council has other bigger development plans for the cleared area but due to financial constraints, other plans have been deferred until next year.

 “We are planning to build a bigger office building here but this will be done when finances are secured.”

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