Honiara : Mon 21st Aug 2017 10:42 AM,
Honiara, Solomon Islands
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Members of HCC Law Enforcement warn market vendorsMembers of HCC Law Enforcement warn market vendors

MEMBERS of Social Media group, Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) have supported the initiative taken by the Honiara City Council (HCC) in their operation ‘Klinim Taon’ in restricting the sale of betel nut along the streets of Honiara.

HCC last week issued a notice to the general public that it will strictly prohibit the sale of betel nut and side walk vending/hawking along the highway of central business district, starting tomorrow.

“Good on you HCC, let’s work together to make Honiara City Clean and beautiful,” a FSII member posted.

“It is also good for HCC to continue with the operation.”

Deputy City Clerk, Ronald Amigo also confirmed that HCC will be undertaking a massive operation to clear off vendors from the streets of Honiara.

Mr Amigo said the enforcement is based on HCC’s ordinance which is to keep Honiara clean.

“I call upon vendors to please follow the instructions and move away from away from the main streets or find another suitable location.

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