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Minister of Health Hon Charles Sigoto and ROC Taiwan officials during the handover.-photo CCUMinister of Health Hon Charles Sigoto and ROC Taiwan officials during the handover.-photo CCU

THE government and the people of the Republic of China Taiwan have reaffirmed long term support to the country’s health and medical sector.

A statement from the visiting Foreign Affairs Ministers for Taiwan H.E. David Lin stressed significance in the long standing relationship between Solomon Islands and the Peoples republic of China, Taiwan and therefore noted that the health sector is a key focus of support.

“I would like to reaffirms R.O.C’s support in the area of health in the Solomon Islands. We are honored to support our friends in Solomon Islands to build a better and much stronger health sector in this country” said Mr. Lin.

He noted that for the past couple of years previous support has been going towards the improvement of staff and facilities at the National Referral Hospital, and recommitting their support Mr. Lin pledged support to the country’s continuous campaign against the recent Dengue Outbreak.

Exemplifying this support the Foreign Affairs Minister on behalf of the People of Taiwan Handed over medical and Laboratory equipment for Dengue Outbreak response program and funding support worth millions (USD) for the National referral hospital Priority Project.

Likewise, under the priority project, funds will also go towards the upgrading and the refurbishment of the Labor ward which has been in a very disgraceful state over the recent years.

Speaking to members of public and nurses at the hospital, they confirmed that the current state of the labor ward is just unacceptable, and the environment and equipment used is not fashioned to standard requirements for someone in labor.

“I have to say that if you work into the labor ward and more especially in the actual labor room its just chaotic and I really hope something is done about it as soon as possible” said a nurse who wanted to remain anonymous.

Likewise, responding to Taiwan’s generous support, Solomon Isalnds Minister for Health and Medical Services Hon. Charles Sigoto recognized the support and pledged to deepen and foster the relationship with Taiwan.

“Taiwan has always been a true friend to the Solomon Islands and we are deeply grateful to the support that your people have shown to us over the past years” said Mr Sigoto.

Mr. Sigoto made strong emphasis in recognition to the Taiwan support in tackling the Dengue Outbreak in the country. He claimed that this deadly virus had already claimed several lives and and admitted dozens of patients.

He noted that the support in stopping the outbreak is a considerable one and that the people of Solomon Islands hope will feel much secure in the campaign against Dengue.

Also accompanying the Taiwan’s Foreign Minister was Dr. Jan-Sing Hsieh, Vice President of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, who also presented 23 stretchers (emergency Beds) and 16 medicine trolleys to the National Referral Hospital.    


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