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Honiara, Solomon Islands
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Honiara City Council have issued a warning to the public.Honiara City Council have issued a warning to the public.

HONIARA CITY Council (HCC) Health Department has warned vendors businesses against selling frozen goods such as chicken wing along the streets.

HCC Chief Inspector, George Tituilu said his officers are currently monitoring the sites where shops are selling mainly chicken outside their shops.

 “I myself have approached the street sellers and verbally warned them to put a stop to these, as it is a health risk for the public,” Tituilu said.

Titiulu explained that frozen goods sold outside the freezer and vulnerable to micro organisms, which in turn is a danger to health.

He said under the Honiara City Council Food Act, those doing this are breaking the law.

 “Frozen good sold outside from the freezer are exposed to bacteria and can cause diseases.

“Frozen goods should always be kept in the freezer.

“These should be stopped! Shop owners must put an end to this type of activity of they’ll face the consequences.

He said the inspection team has experienced some resistance from shop owners but they always stand their ground because the law is on their side on this.

A concern citizen also raised that customers or the public should consider their health when buying the products and urge responsible authorities to monitor wholesalers and Chinese shop owners.

“Each individuals] especially mothers should strongly consider when buying such products sold along the street as it is vulnerable to bacterial contamination and other micro organisms,” the man said.

The frozen goods sold include New Zealand apples, oranges and now chicken wings.  

Mostly Chinese shops along Point Cruz and Chinatown area were seen engaging their local staff into taking the chicken wings out from the freezer and display them outside the shop.

He added that the HCC inspection team and officers throughout the week have conducted their investigation, and reportedly vendors complied as they might face legal action.   

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