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Participants listening to the facilitator Participants listening to the facilitator

THE Ministry of Health and Medical Service (MHMS) has been funded by the UNFPA to implement a nationwide reproductive health assessment throughout the country.

According to Permanent Secretary Dr. Lester Ross during the opening of a three weeks training workshop of 54 data entry officers at SIPPA conference room, he said he hoped that this national assessment will provide more information about the standard and level of reproductive health services in this country.

“The life and health of every citizen in the Solomon Islands are very important because we are all contributing to the welfare and economy of this country,” said Dr Ross.

Dr Lester Ross said the main objectives of this study is to establish the reproductive health status of the women in Solomon Islands.

“To provide evidence to inform family planning and reproductive health programs, policies and projects; and finally to build research capacity for staff in the School of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, Solomon Islands National University (SINU) as well as for the Pacific for Sexual and Reproductive Health Research Centre,” said the Permanent Secretary.

He said issues such as high internal migration into Honiara city and urban areas have caused associated stress to the government services.

“More schools ,public transport, provide adequate sanitation, safe water source and adequate living spaces and safe environments in which people can live and work; this has become a challenging issues for the government for national planning and development, education, welfare and health,” said Dr Ross.

Meanwhile, he thanked the 54 health workers for voluntarily offering their time and energy to be part of the three weeks planned training.

“I wish this assessment after the training workshop a success in our bid to address the reproductive health issues in Solomon Islands.”

He also advised them to prepare to train to become a data collectors, data administrators, data analysers and report writers for this national project.

“It’s very imperative that each of you understand the importance of this work; especially when you are assigned to collect and record the correct type of data because it is the information you are gathering from the field that will inform government of its next step and plan.” 

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