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Family Support Centre Legal officer Lynffer Maltungtung during the World Non Violence Day CelebrationsFamily Support Centre Legal officer Lynffer Maltungtung during the World Non Violence Day Celebrations

SEXUAL violence crime is high in the country, organizations advocating non violence say.

They highlighted their finds during the celebration of the World Non Violence Day last week in Honiara.

Family Support Centre Legal officer Lynffer Maltungtung said information obtained by the organisation from the Family Health and Safety report 2010 show high rate of sexual violence.

“Forms of violence are many and sexual violence has recorded an increase here throughout past years,” Mrs Maltungtung said.

She added that many countries that also have the similar reports recorded low sexual violence incidents compared to Solomon Islands.

Mrs Maltungtung also confirmed increasing cases of sexual harassment on children has.

“Since last year we have reported cases to the centre on sexual violence on children increasing and we referred it to the police to take legal actions.”

Family Support Centre offers counseling service to victims of sexual violence Mrs Maltungtung urged victims to come forward and seek help.

Acting Police Commissioner, Juanita Matanga also revealed that the RSIPF also received an increasing number of sexual violence cases throughout the provinces,

 “This is a serious concern and RSIPF is prioritizing these issues conducting community outreach programs advocating non violence.

Recently RSIPF have responded to a domestic violence resulted injuring a 3 year old child.

 A father in his 40’s at GPPOL area was arrested.

“The child received injuries to his head by a torch used by the father attacking his wife while protecting the innocent child,” Matanga said.

The child has been admitted to hospital. 

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