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Senior government, NGO, private and public stakeholders in consultation with the Auditor GeneralSenior government, NGO, private and public stakeholders in consultation with the Auditor General

THE office of the Auditor General has revealed that mismanagement of public accounts continues to grow in Solomon Islands.

A press statement from the Auditor General’s office said as far as current legislations are concerned powers given to the Auditor General and his office are still very limited.

The Auditor General’s special report entitled “An Auditor General’s Insights into Corruption in the Solomon Islands Government” revealed that two main themes or concerns existed at the time in the Solomon Islands with respect to the effectiveness of the Auditor General’s role and the staff of the Office of the Auditor General Problems with public financial management and an apparent conflict of interest by some senior government figures.

The report explained that  inadequacies in financial management of Government funded organisations seem to be related to poor (or outmoded) financial accounting systems; weak internal/procedural controls; inadequate administrative/clerical recording systems (and the management of these). 

“Moreoever whereby improper influence by those in authority (senior public servants or politicians) had been exerted on public servants to achieve an unlawful result or outcomes of impropriety involving public monies; a paucity of training of staff in systems, procedures and ethical accounting practices was seen as being the major weakness,” the report pointed out.

“Nothing much seems to have changed since the issue of that report, and there is increasing concern that the inherent trends of mismanagement identified by my predecessor Auditor General continues to grow to the point that there is now much public speculation and discussion on the extent of fraud and corruption in the public sector.”

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