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RAMSI Special Coordinator Nicholas Coppel (L) and PPF Commander Paul OsbourneRAMSI Special Coordinator Nicholas Coppel (L) and PPF Commander Paul Osbourne

RAMSI Special Coordinator Nicholas Coppel has told the 5th Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum that RAMSI’s development assistance program has been absorbed into Australian Bilateral Aid Program.

Speaking during the Forum in Brisbane Mr Coppel all RAMSI development programs were reviewed and where there was a need to continue assistance, the programs were redesigned and moved across to AusAID’s bilateral aid program or to the aid programs of other donors. 

“The shifting of the RAMSI development assistance program – which had its own identity and purpose – into the bilateral development assistance program was formalised with the signing of a new Australia and Solomon Islands Partnership for Development.”

He stressed that the Partnership for Development is now the framework for Australia’s development assistance program in Solomon Islands.

It has been expanded to reflect the transfer of the RAMSI development assistance programs into the bilateral AusAID program.

Similarly, RAMSI’s work in the Solomon’s Inland Revenue Division has been absorbed into New Zealand’s aid program for Solomon Islands.

“Essentially, what we have done is change the way we deliver assistance from that best suited to a post-conflict country to one that is more appropriate for a long term development strategy and funding model,” he said.

 Meanwhile, Mr Coppel explained that in terms of current assistance in some cases which donor will provide that assistance will change but donor assistance will continue to be provided to Solomon Islands. 

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