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A recent arrest of the escapees A recent arrest of the escapees

POLICE have arrested a suspect at weather coast who is believed to have aided the two lifetime prison escapees currently in hiding.

A statement from the Acting Police Commissioner Juanita Matanga revealed the suspect has been arrested and detained for further questioning.

The statement said the arrest is another step closer towards apprehending the two fugitives who escaped prison late last year.

Mrs  Matanga said a full search operation is being carried out at Weathercoast in search for the escapees and police will continue to expand the search by any means necessary to apprehend the fugitives.

Another statement from the Deputy Police Commissioner Walter Kola in media this week also revealed that police have already made contact with the escapes via mobile phone.

Mr Kola in his statement revealed that the suspects wanted to negotiate their terms of surrender but Mr Kola said the police will not negotiate with criminals.

SIBC also revealed receiving a phone call from one of the fugitives this week denying allegations of their involvement in public disturbance. 

However, responding to this Acting Police Commissioner emphasized the two escapes have escaped prison following their lifetime sentence.

Therefore whether or not these allegations may be denied, they are subject to police apprehension and on this matter further investigation.

The two escapees are Francis Lela and Gedley Isa, who were jailed for ethnic tension related murders. 

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