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Outgoing RAMSI Coordinator, Nicolas CoppelOutgoing RAMSI Coordinator, Nicolas Coppel

THE outgoing RAMSI Special coordinator Nicholas Coppel says he was impressed by the level of success the regional mission achieved since it arrived here in 2003.

In an interview with Sunday Isles, he said that success should also be attributed to the people of Solomon Islands through their efforts and vision for a better Solomon Islands.

“I’ve been quite taken back by how friendly and safe Solomon Islands is maybe because of how friendly Solomon Islands but it has an image overseas that we must be careful when coming here,” Mr Coppel said.

“Yet I go every morning for a walk I usually leave my house when it’s still dark by myself and I’ve always felt perfectly safe.”

Mr Coppel said the world should now realise Solomon Islands as a safer place to live than before and this is a great achievement for the people.  

“There’s never been an incident and I think the world needs to know that Solomon Islands is now a safe place; a safe place to live, visit, to do business and Solomon Islanders should be proud of that achievement

“It’s been their achievement as much as RAMSI’s achievement and to continue the legacy of RAMSI over the next three years.”

Reflecting on his time here, Mr Coppel said it’s been relatively good as he maintained close ties with senior government officials and others from the region.

 “The relationship I’ve had with the previous prime minister Danny Philip and the current prime minister Gordan Darcy Lilo have been good and my relationships with the police ministers and  foreign ministers have also been good, and that’s the name for good a partnership and has made it possible for us to make progress without difficulties,” he said.

“For me it’s always been important to remember that I am a guest and RAMSI’S a guest in Solomon Islands, we need to be respectful of the local culture and respectful of the elective government or people and work with them, if we always have that attitude, the partnership will be stronger and differences will be kept to a minimum and I hope that continues into the future.”

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