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PRT Officers at GBRPRT Officers at GBR

RAMSI over the next four years will be focusing on strengthening the capacity of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF).

 “We have just signed off on a very comprehensive strategy (RAMSI Drawdown Strategy 2013-17) of Capacity Development with RSIPF, SIG and the Ministry Police and National Security and Correctional Services,” Special Coordinator Justine Braithwaite said. 

The Strategy is designed to address key areas in which RSIPF needs further investment in over the next four years.

Certain Areas noted in the strategy include the leadership and development skills of the RSIPF which will include a series of intensive program going forward over the next few years. 

Key areas will certainly be on public order management and response type work and also operational safety trainings so that RSIPF officers havethe skills and abilities to handle potential violent offenders and be able to work safely with the communities.

“The second area of focus will be on mobility and logistics as Solomon Islands is a very difficult environment at which to deliver services and with most of being inhabited is it is most difficult to get officers out in a timely fashion,” the statement said.

“So we’ll be working with RSIPF to improve their logistical ability and providing them with more assets like vehicles and boats and engines so to provide effective response.

“There’ll also be a lot of work in the Back End of the policing function so we’ll also be supporting the RSIPF corporate including Human resources management, finance management, budgets as well as appropriate governance and accountability management.

“The Solomon Islands government has made the decision to begin to prepare for the rearmament of the police force which RAMSI is very supportive of and therefore we will be assisting the RSIPF in preparing for the possible limited reintroduction of firearms. 

“Limited must be reemphasized because we are not proposing obviously to rearm the whole RSIPF but rather only three areas of policing which we see as requiring that extended capability in order for the local police force to be fully independent by 2017.

“The three areas are the close protection team, International Airport security which is a requirement under the civil Aviation organization rules where armed presence is needed at the international airport and the Police Response Team (PRT) focused in the area of riot control.

“In this area we will be working close with the RSIPF in terms of training, building an armory arrangements in place so that we can be sure about who is accessing weapons, how they’re stored, what are the arrangement for returning those weapons after shifts and all of those types of things.

“And at the end of the training and valuation period if Solomon Islands government is comfortable with the work we’ve done around the introduction of firearms then we will askfor the government’s decision on issue and carriage of weapons at a later date.

“But for now we will be doing preparatory work and that’s going to take up a lot of time.” 

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