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Mbokonavera students with bibles.Mbokonavera students with bibles.Independent Baptist church congregations overseas have continued to spread the word in Solomon Islands through their Bible distribution Program to schools.

The Oceanic Bible Program (OBP) combines church congregations from Baptist Churches in USA, Australia and New Zealand to fund bibles for Secondary schools in the country.

According to Project coordinator for the Solomon Islands Mr. Joseph. Fransley Iro, the distinct above congregations have taken up this initiative, with original intentions of supporting previous disaster victims in Indonesia through the provision of King James Version Bibles. But the program seized to continue after the project was suspended in the area due to the small number of Christians.

However, the program came into existence in Solomon Islands in 2010 under the consideration of Pastor John Meyer.

Mr. Iro claimed that in 2011 the OBP started distributing bibles, first to schools in Malaita and so far the program has already covered all schools in the Province.

He claimed that currently the program is underway in schools on Guadalcanal and is expected to continue onto schools in the other remaining provinces in Solomon Islands.

Since the existence of the program, OBP has already distributed 28,000 bibles to high schools throughout Malaita and half of Guadalcanal and more Bibles are yet to come.

During the process members of the oversea Baptist congregation usually travel here to help in distributing the bibles around schools with the help of few locals.

Likewise, due to the limitation of funds the OBP program is carried out every once a year.

He claimed that the bibles are funded through individual church offerings of these congregations specifically paying for the production of the Bibles.

Mr. Iro told Isles Media that the Bibles have really created an Impact in schools which they’ve reached in terms of support of these schools which also instigates New Testament Studies (NTS) as part of curriculum.

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