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Dalavanua eco-Lodge in Babasu East Central GuadalcanalDalavanua eco-Lodge in Babasu East Central Guadalcanal

DALAVANUA Eco-lodge operator and management will be involved in a week long community based training workshop next week.

According to operator and Paramount Chief Ben Livu, this training is a huge opportunity for his people and a benefit for his business operation.

The training will be carried out by an advanced Eco-Tourism trainer from the Guadalcanal Eco-tourism training center. 

According to the trainer, Simon Okai the training workshop is expected to tap valuable knowledge and provide the local operator and his management with skills essential to running a local eco-establishment.

He said that Dalavanua Eco-Lodge is very young establishment which has much to learn. 

However, with the commitment that its management has shown, the training will further boost the business with new effective ideas.

As per the aim of the training Mr Okai SAID that the Ministry of Tourism has an allocated budget to support local communities in eco-tourism and therefore, such training is the way forward to enable local communities interested to effectively run their own business.

“This is a significant approach and we (trainers) hope that through such training our local people can spend more time in doing things useful in their communities rather than involve in other unlawful activities,” Mr Okai said.

Dalavanua Eco-lodge is an upcoming eco-tourism destination which has a lot of amazing attractions from Marine life to well kept sacred sites close within the proximity of the village. 

It is located on east central Guadalcanal, a few kilometers from Marau

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