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A local Woman  selling her  products during the mere market organized by SIWBA.A local Woman selling her products during the mere market organized by SIWBA.

WOMEN can lead development in their communities if they are empowered and given the chance to make decisions on issues affecting their lives.

That’s according to Doris Puhahi, Manager of Tugeda Tude Fo Tumoro (TTFT), a project of Live and Learn Environmental Education Solomon Islands.

The project is funded by AusAID in Partnership with five Australian non-government organisations and their local counterparts.

In an interview with Sunday Isles, Puhahi said empowering women can lead to women being proactive to lead development in the country.

She said if women were given the chance they can take the lead to address development priority needs in the community.

“Women can come up with good ideas. It can be things like a meeting hall or community hall where communities can use it for meetings, or water supply to improve life of women and the communities,” Puhahi said.

“This is waomen leading it. And this is what we want. 

“People in the communities, leaders should recognise that women can lead development so why not we empower them and put them in position that they can make decisions?

“They have the potential, they demonstrate through the savings club,” Puhahi said, referring to the project.

“The savings club is not about money or business. 

“It empowers women and actually demonstrates to people that women have the leadership potential to take advantage of.”

Puhahi said a savings module introduced to 18 communities in Solomon Islands is a very successful one, which proves that women can do something.

She said the project is now rolling out in Makira, Malaita, Isabel, Renbell and Western.

She added since the establishment of the saving module to the communities, women members have saved up to $250,000 – an achievement she described as surprising.

“This shows such a huge amount of money is out there in the communities.”

Puhahi said this was made possible through management by the women. 

She added so far under the project, up to 639 are now members of the savings module.

“There is a need to empower women to become confident and self-reliant.

Puhahi said one of the challenges that they identified was that traditional land ownership system does not recognise women

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