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Honiara youths community service, cleaning around the Red Cross Disability centreHoniara youths community service, cleaning around the Red Cross Disability centre

YOUTHS From 15 communities under the Honiara City Council (HCC) youth division paid a successful visit to the Red Cross Disability centre last week.

The youths took the initiative to clean up the disability centre, including the National Referral Hospital’s Rehabilitation centre during their organized Honiara youth week.

Honiara Youth President, Harry James said the visit wass part of their community service program.

“As part of our week celebrations and program, the youths purposely help to give services to people who are in need,” Mr James stated.

He said the youths have identified the Disability centre in order to lend their helping hand towards disability service in Honiara.

“Not only community service, we also learn especially from young people with disability at the centre,” he added.

Principal of the Red Cross Disability centre, Cathy Anilafa also thanked the youths for their kind hearted initiative of community service.

“I want to appreciate the work done by the youths, especially for these young people who took their time out in helping us with their service,” Mrs Anilafa said.

She added that it is also an opportunity for young people at the centre to interact with each other.    

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