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Miss Charity, Tema WickhamMiss Charity, Tema Wickham

NEWLY crowned Miss Carpenters, 24 year old Tema Wickam says charity work is one of the important aspects of a beauty pageant.

She said this after being crowned last week [Thursday 23] at the Miss Charity crowning event organized at the Art Gallery.

Ms Wickam’s occupation is a Quality supervisor and her future goal was to earn a Masters degree in Environmental Science.

She was motivated to choose Goldie College as a platform of doing her charity because she was a former student of the school.

 “I told myself that whatever I can do to raise charitable funds must go back to my old school and its students; it’s more like giving back something tangible and positive to where I have started my academic dream,” she said.

“There are needs everywhere but at least we get the charity started and we know that we are doing something positive and personally it gives me some sense of ownership and pride by trying to give back to those who are in need of assistance and this charity gives me the confidence and platform to do so,” Ms Wickham said.

“I witnessed and experienced an 8.1 magnitude strength earthquake which had a devastating effect on the infrastructure of Goldie College and from what I saw was a total disaster and a chaotic scene to remember in my life time as student of Goldie College at that time.

“This year when I was asked which school I’ll choose for my charity work, I have no doubt in my my mind that Goldie College is the one that I will help.

“Definitely, it gives me the opportunity to start become more associated with business organizations and other stakeholders with charity hearts to raise funds and bring Goldie back to its glory days,” said Ms Wickham.

“Now that I have the crown, I would like to use my status to help my former school rebuild its physical and academic infrastructures in order to create a constructive level of learning environment for their future.”

She pointed out to other beauty contestants that charity is not about competition but an important platform to help rebuild lives of people in our society.

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