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SIAVRTC Director Billy Mae and Rural Women project CoordinatorSIAVRTC Director Billy Mae and Rural Women project Coordinator

SOLOMON Islands Association of Vocational and Rural training Centers (SIAVRTC) has extended its support to women in the far reaching areas of East Malaita.

A statement from SIAVRTC Director Billy Mae rsaid the association, through its individual Partner Bamford Graduate Scheme, has donated sewing material to train the women.

According to Mr Mae, this is a second support initiative of its kind where SIAVRTC tries to reach out to Community Based Training Centres in the country.

Mr Mae said that this recent support is targeting women in East Malaita and East Kwaio who lived in practically hidden areas and have no access to train or learn such basic skills.

He said that self sustenance is important especially for our people in the rural areas and also in Honiara. 

As part of the program, 30 women have been identified for training for which they will be trained twice a day in the trade of sewing.

The women will be trained by graduates from Adakoa RTC who will host training at Faumamanu centre.

The support funds are worth $10,000 and have been handed over early last week by Mr Mae

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