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Youth who attended the orientation program being separated into community groups Youth who attended the orientation program being separated into community groups

THE SOUTH PACIFIC Commission’s (SPC) Youth At Work program is hoping to roll out its ‘Young Entrepreneurship Program’ starting first week March.

In a statement preparations will begin in the last two weeks of this month February, this means the total of 270 youths who registered for the phase 4 of the program which began on 14th January.

“To date, there has been two weeks of orientation. The 270 youths have been split into three big groups and within those big groups there are 15 smaller groups,” the statement said.

“Each week they do a week of the training. One week is the Rapid Employment Training – Pre-Employment Training, another week CV Writing and Job Interviews, another week a variety of training including know you, basic business training and peace building and the last week they have one day of personal financial management and a two day netball competition. 

“Currently there are no issues with the orientation plan.”

The statement also stated that any interested employer starting the end of this month who wants to engage these youths can do so.

“They are now ready following their completion in community work, and the ongoing orientation of programs,” Youth At Market program manager, Sandra Bartlett confirmed.

“Preparation and sending out CVs for placements has already been done and placement will begin that week for interns. This week the youths will get rolled out slowly into their placements.

“Training for interns will begin the second week of March for mentoring. Training for Mentors on how to become better Mentors will also begin the second week of March.

“This will be rolled out with interns to their places of internships.”

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