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Women taking part in the Mock Parliament Debate at Paliament chamber on ThursdayWomen taking part in the Mock Parliament Debate at Paliament chamber on Thursday


THIRTY-NINE selected women took part in a mock Parliament session last week at Parliament.

The women representatives deliberated on a Mock motion by a member from the mock opposition which was to establish a Special Select Committee to look into the provisions of the Rural Constituency Fund.

According to the majority of the house, a special select committee is a positive way forward in ensuring that constituency funds are used for its rightful purpose which is the development of the rural population.

Speaking for opposition side, Hilda Kari, first female politician in the country, said that government has never really seriously considered alternatives to the progressive use of constituency funds.

She said the government should start by considering the need to develop rural families.

“This means strengthening of households and building trust and confidence in elders,” Mrs Kari said.

“I think that in order for a nation to succeed it must first build families and have them work together for a better outcome.”

She claimed that unemployment has increased significantly and thus more and more school dropouts have become jobless thus partaking in unlawful activities.

Mrs Kari said that money should not be thrown like food to chicken, instead should be spent on material items to help our young people find constructive and income earning things to do.

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